Eco-Friendly Products Online

Whilst making your own health and beauty products at home can be both fun and good for the environment, sometimes you just don’t have the time. If we’re going to exist in a consumer nation then we should be conscious consumers. As with the many chemicals that go un-researched by the FDA in our hair products, there are also those basic necessities such as our toothbrush which we take for granted, not fully considering the unethical mass production that goes into its manufacture.

Whilst I fully encourage you to try make things at home, I also understand that there are a few bits and bobs that some of us are perhaps unwilling to try to make at home yet- whether it be due to time constraints or work demands, I have provided some products that I think will be just a-okay for now.

  1. Ecofemme reusable pantyliners
  2. Foxy Bamboo Socks
  3. Tash Bamboo Socks
  4. Bamboo toothbrush

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