Our Basic Livelihood Is Under Threat From Climate Change

In class one day, my Professor drilled it into us that “Power is the ability to eat”. Power is also access to water, yet underground and hydraulic fracking and the rapidly melting Arctic ice caps are threatening that very same water we need to survive. The great irony of it all is that our ‘need’ to create plastic bottles for water is threatening our future access to the most basic of our rights as humans.

We can already see as clear as day the horrifying future we will inevitably face in the town of Flint, Michigan. The switching of water pipes to local water which led to dangerous levels of lead in consumers’ bodies is a telling but haunting tale of things to come. And this horrifying story isn’t over, with a suspicious number of deaths by pneumonia arising in the town, the town are still choosing their George Washington’s over their residents, with people facing water bills for, yes, that poisoned water.

Whilst the failings of Governor Snyder and his country’s ‘meritocratic’ ideals were obviously to blame, we must also think to ourselves how much do we really need our excessive consumerist lifestyles? Climate Change is a tricky thing to talk about without becoming somewhat of a martyr. Obviously, the problem is at large and much bigger than one individual, but if we change our attitude towards the environment- see it as our friend, not our enemy that we need to exterminate ASAP (weed killer anyone?) then our lives will become much better for it.

The wonderful professor Kaba Kamene spoke with all sincerity when he said to my class one day that “If you aren’t growing your own plants or vegetables, you should start now”. If we can edge towards the tiniest branch of self-sustainability then climate change may not be such a daunting and imminent prospect. Yes, it is happening and yes we do need rapid change, but what are we doing to change things?

Read about the harrowing danger of acid mine drainage in Northern Canada in the Vice article here.

“There Is a New Climate Change Disaster Looming in Northern Canada”



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