Homemade Hair Conditioner

Ten months ago I began no-pooing my hair. However I was unsure of how to condition it ¬†and what to condition my hair with. I experimented with oil-based recipes (coconut, olive and almond), with avocado…I read about egg white recipes, but chose not to do that due to my semi-vegan diet. In the end I settled on Apple Cider Vinegar and I haven’t looked back since!

I have continuously altered the measurements of my recipe, as I suggest anyone does with homemade hair products. It’s really best to find out what your hair wants. Whilst it took my hair a few months to adapt fully to no-poo, the conditioner was never an issue. I would say that I condition my hair maybe twice a week (though sometimes three times) and I feel like my hair looks shinier and feels healthier than ever before!

The recipe, as with no-poo is super simple and malleable! All you need is Apple Cider Vinegar (ideally an organic one like Bragg’s), tap water and any essential oil you like the scent of. As I have previously advised, if you would like the best possible result and don’t mind making a little extra effort, boil some tap water and allow to cool down, storing it in a fridge overnight.


For a medium sized bottle (I am using a 330ml bottle for this example), you will need a large glass of water (or two cups), 2 dessert spoons of ACV and 15 drops of your favourite essential oils.

1) Pick up a funnel or funnel some paper together.

2) Add 2 dessert spoons of ACV to your bottle.

3) Add 10 drops of base note essential oil, then 5 drops of middle note essential oil. For this I used Lavendar and Cedarwood. (I found that the Cedarwood lingered for longer on the hair and smells really good!)

4) Add water 3/4 full then shake the mixture

5) Add rest of water and voila you’re all done!

Note: I find that rinsing your conditioner through with cool or cold water really enhances the shine and leaves you feeling extra refreshed too!

After months of using this recipe I feel that my hair is fuller and healthier for it. Please don’t feel afraid to share your ACV conditioner experience too!

Love Ecofriendly Grace x



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