Avocado Face Scrub Results

I have been using the avocado face scrubs for approximately a year now and it feels incredible!

While initially I was mixing a lot of avocado with honey, lemon and AVC I am, in fact, a tight-wad at heart and thus couldn’t bear to spare with my honey and lemon…and a whole avocado! Now my routine is more like this:

  • I usually eat an avocado in the morning
  • Invert the avocado skin and scrub my face with the remainder
  • Potter around for maybe 20-30 minutes (sometimes I like to oil pull at the same time- kill two birds and all that!)
  • Rinse off the avocado with lukewarm water (if it is quite gunky I have started to put a little moisture on my face then take the largest parts of avo off with a tissue)
  • Voila! Silky smooth skin! I would say it is akin to a baby’s bottom, however that is unknown territory for me.

(Don’t worry if you still get the odd spot, it’s just a natural reaction to different elements in your life- I have literally two places I get one spot on once a year- unfortunately one of them makes me look like a gremlin, but it makes me realise it has appeared due to stress or high levels of refined sugar.)

This is me after my avo scrub today. I used my homemade moisturiser before heading off to the gym, then avocado’d my face before rinsing it off in the shower.

Post-Avocado face!


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