Welcome to Eco-Friendly Grace!

“What are you talking about?”

I was outside a dive bar in New York and my friend and I were quickly cornered by a sociable albeit boozy man.

“We’re talking about politics.” I answered coyly.

It’s never a popular answer or topic choice (especially at 1am on a Friday night) but I chose it all the same.

“I don’t like politics.” Came the predictable reply. “It bores me.”

My friend intervened: “But politics affects your whole life: everything you do, every choice you make is a political one.”

And that is what made me decide to write this blog. In no way do I want people to think that eco-friendly living, or environmentalism or an awareness of climate change is a singular issue. But unfortunately that’s what I’ve found with a lot of ‘natural living’ blogs. Are people so afraid of a healthy debate or that they, God forbid, may disagree with someone else’s point of view?

I think that making a few small changes to your life i.e. making your own shampoo which will reduce plastic waste and make you healthier, are important. But I think that being conscious of why you are making such a change is more important. Therefore, at the risk of being dubbed a liberal warbler, I want people to understand the political spectrum that their daily habits reside in, and to question whether our world can truly survive under capitalism and its all-consuming free market economics.

Thank you, Grace.

To check out my journey into homemade shampoo (or no-poo) have a look here.


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